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Thermic® Lances

Wirepak® Thermal Lance Tube


Wirepak thermic lances are electric resistance welded (ERW) steel tube that have been carefully packed with a predetermined number of low carbon steel wires such that a carefully determined aperture is maintained to facilitate the flow of piped oxygen through the pipe.

The ends of the lance is crimped to prevent the wire from working itself loose during lancing operations. Once the oxygen is ignited, the iron burns at over 4000° Celsius, resulting in a liquid slag of iron oxides.

The heat generated in the process of burning the lance will enable the operator to slice through any material.

Wirepak® Thermic Lances can be employed as follows:


  • Gouging out cracked or damaged welds enabling the operators to clean and prepare the material for repair.
  • Smaller diameter thermic lances are ideal for gouging out seized or frozen pins, plugs or large nuts or bolts or any hard facing material, especially useful for earthmoving and mining equipment.
  • Removing welds on toothed dozer clearing blade teeth, teeth on bucket, ripper and scarifier systems, removal of welds on wear bars on heavy earth moving and mining equipment.
  • Removal of refractory liners and bricks as well as ball mill liners.
  • Often used in emergency clearing up operations where a building or bridge has collapsed or train has derailed.
  • Underwater cutting of steel and concrete structures including shipwrecks pilings etc.
  • Clearing up of large solidified ferrous and non-ferrous metal spillages which occur may occur during foundry and smelting accidents.
  • Concrete cutting or piercing where vibrations caused by a jack hammer is a concern. Also used where the cutting or piercing of rock is required.
  • Scrap metal recycling where the cutting of large or solid cast metal objects are required.
  • Opening or electric arc and blast furnace tap holes for pouring, draining or maintenance and inspections.
  • Gouging starter holes in thick material to be precision cut by plasma or oxygen shape cutters.
  • Slicing through laminated or mixed material.
  • Cutting of thick steel beams and general heavy duty demolition work.

Wirepak® Thermic Lance

Wirepak® ThermicLance tube provides a simple and cheap method of achieving extremely high flame temperatures capable of melting even refractory material, ingots, moulds etc. The basic reaction which takes place between iron and oxygen is: 3Fe+20 2 =FE3O4+265 kcal. The energy is released as heat at a temperature above 4 000° C.