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Oxygen Lance Tube - Neven Matthews lance tube stockOxylance®

The complex production process for ferroalloys, steel, platinum and copper are not easy:

You don’t need worries about lance tube. Let us make sure it gets there and does the job – with no leaks and no scrap to give you the lowest cost.


Oxylance® is used in the production process of ferroalloys, steel, copper, and platinum and for opening tap holes and scrap cutting.


This product is available in the following sizes:


Nominal BoreMetric Nominal Bore Imperial Outside Dia mm Mass / meter kg Nominal Thickness mm
8 mm ¼ 13.5 0.61 2.2
10mm 3/8 17,0 0.82 2.2
15 mm ½ 2l.2 1.03 2.2
20 mm ¾ 26.9 1,34 2.2


Lengths to suit customer requirements.

Oxygen Lance Tube - Neven Matthews lance tube Quick Connector P034

8mm NB Oxylance

10mm NB Oxylance

15mm NB Oxylance

20mm NB Oxylance

25mm NB Oxylance

32mm NB Oxylance

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