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Oxylance® – Offering you peace of mind

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd manufactured lances undergo destructive as well as non-destructive testing, strictly in accordance with SABS 62 Conveyance Tube – specification.

Sampling tests conducted on our tube include dimensional tolerance tests, hydro pressure testing, flattening and flare (drift) tests in order to ensure maximum peace of mind for our customers.

Oxygen lance tube has a number of uses including:

Oxygen lance tube for decarburising:

Carbon and other chemical constituents impart certain attributes or properties to a metal and these elements must therefore be carefully measured and controlled during the smelting process. Employed in blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces as well as induction and electric arc furnaces, oxygen lance tube is used for decarburising i.e. a process of pumping an oxygen rich mixture at high pressure through oxygen lance tube into the melt. The oxidising effect burns off the excess carbon in the molten metal thus reducing the percentage of carbon to an acceptable level.

Oxygen lancing tubes are used for opening furnace tap holes i.e. tapping a furnace

When the desired steel composition and temperature has been reached, the furnace tap hole is opened through a combination of drilling and tapping using oxygen lances. Lances are coupled to a high pressure oxygen supply, the end of the lance is ignited and through careful and skillful manipulation, the tap hole clay which can be up to 800mm thick is effectively burnt away, facilitating the pouring of the molten metal for further processing.

Oxygen lance tube for cleaning ladle well blocks

Ladle well blocks require cleaning once the casting process has been completed. Ladles are tipped to remove the slag. Oxygen lances are employed to clean both the upper and lower nozzles and if necessary, the bottom of the ladle is also cleaned with a lance tube if it contains impacted debris.

Oxygen lance tubes are used for unclogging tundish nozzles

Tundishes are receptacles used to temporarily store a batch (melt) of molten metal while it is moved through the production process. Unclogging nozzles with oxygen lance tube is a more cost effective option than replacing entire nozzle systems.

Oxygen lance tubes are used for cutting skulls

Oxygen lances are used effectively to cut and clean skulls which are layers of slag and process metals that have solidified or frozen against the refractory material forming a layer of insulation which reduces heat losses and protects the furnace lining from erosion, chemical attacks and thermal shock.

Oxygen lance tubes are used for cleaning up spillages

Oxygen lances are used to cut up solidified molten metal spillages into smaller pieces facilitating handling and thus aiding the re-smelting or disposal of the sometimes valuable spilt material.