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Lancing Operations Before You Ignite Your Lance Tube

Wirepak® Thermic Lance Tube

Oxygen has no discernible smell. Atmospheric air has a 21% oxygen content. Air with an oxygen content of 30% will burn material at significantly faster rates. It is important to understand that fires in oxygen rich environments are difficult to put out and such fires can spread rapidly amongst combustible material, easily ignited from the smallest spark or light cigarette. The presence of oil or grease can cause ignition to occur and the rapid oxidation that results can cause a fire to rage at a very high temperature and with a ferocity that may be difficult to control.

Always test oxygen equipment thoroughly before and after each use. Any leakages or problems should be attended to prior to the use of the equipment.

Always ensure that the oxygen supply has been switched off

Refer to our suggestions for minimum PPE requirements for a lancing operation.

Lancing Risk Assessment

A risk assessment must be conducted by the operator prior to the commencement of each lancing operation.

Due to the dangerous nature of lancing operations, it is incumbent upon the organisation carrying out the lancing operations that they fully comply with all aspects of the relevant occupational health and safety act.


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Thermic Lancing Operations

Working conditions :

Any lancing operation is dangerous, so be sure to provide adequate ventilation if the lancing operation is to be conducted indoors.

It is advisable that all lancing operations be conducted outdoors.

The following precautions must be taken :

  • Remove any flammable material and equipment within a radius of 10 metres.
  • Ensure that suitable fire fighting equipment is at hand in case of an uncontrolled fire.
  • Protect gas and oxygen cylinders from sparks.
  • Operators must work upwind of the lancing location
  • No personnel are to be within the path of the flames and any personnel in the area should position themselves upwind of the lancing operation.