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Oxylance® Lance Tube – Tailor Made For The Pyrometallurgical Industry

What are Oxylance® Lance Tubes?

Oxylance® oxygen lances are consumable steel tubes used in the manufacturing process of various ferrous and non ferrous metals. Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd produces oxygen lance tube strictly in accordance with SABS 62’s rigorous specifications.

Refer to our list of popular sized Oxylance® Oxygen Lances Tube Below:

Oxylance® Oxygen lances are used in the pyrometallurgical environment as follows:

Tapping operations and decarburising in electric arc furnaces, oval bottomed tapping furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, blast furnaces, open hearth furnaces and non ferrous smelting furnaces.

  • Tapping a furnace is a dangerous operation. Some furnaces as large as 8.5 metres in diameter, employ a remote controlled tapping gun or drill that will bore through the clay filled taphole lining which can be up to 1.5mtr thick.
  • In order to spare the expensive drill bit, operators will remove the drill just before they penetrate the lining and deploy lance tubes to burn through the final section of clay, enabling the furnace operator to pour the molten metal. This technique has the added benefit of minimising damage to the taphole itself during the lancing operation.
    Lances are often employed for decarburization which amongst other things is used to remove hydrogen from a steel melt.
  • Tundishes are widely used in steel continuous casting operations and because tundishes are the last vessels into which molten metals are poured before they are cast, it is important that they are kept clean. Lance tube is thus used to clean the refractory material, easily removing any slag that may be present.