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Oxylance® Lance Tube

Lance tube is employed in the smelting industry, specifically in the production of ferroalloys, copper, zinc and other ferrous and non ferrous metals industries to burn open or “tap” large, bottom pouring smelting furnaces such as blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces as well as electric and induction  furnaces.  It is the most cost effective method available for tapping heats.

Lance tube is also used to de-carburize (remove carbon) during the smelting process of various metals. The process involves injecting oxygen into the molten metal causing the impurities to be oxidised resulting in slag that floats to the top of the melt which can then be more easily removed.

Lance tubes are also used for opening ladles, cleaning ladle well blocks und unclogging tundish nozzles as well as for general  cutting of iron or steel such as cutting skulls, metal spillages etc.

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd supplies lance tube in three end finishes i.e.:

  • Fitted with a quick fit, patented connector ex stock Witbank
  • Plain ended – ex stock Witbank
  • Threaded and socketed – only available on request

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd takes great care to ensure that our entire oxygen lance production process is oil free. It is critical that our tube be handled and stored in a completely oil free environment so as to avoid the explosive reaction that will result from the mixing of oil and oxygen.


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Nominal BoreMetric Nominal Bore Imperial Outside Dia mm Mass / meter kg Nominal Thickness mm
8 mm ¼ 13.5 0.61 2.2
10mm 3/8 17,0 0.82 2.2
15 mm ½ 2l.2 1.03 2.2
20 mm ¾ 26.9 1,34 2.2


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Oxylance® Lance tube is a hollow electric resistance welded (ERW) tube manufactured from mild steel which is available in various sizes and end finishes and is used in the steel making process.

Available in the following sizes:

10mm NB Oxylance

15mm NB Oxylance

20mm NB Oxylance

25mm NB Oxylance

32mm NB Oxylance

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