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Quick Connectors

Patented Quick Connection System

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd’s patented quick connection system is designed for safety and ease of use

Often more than one length of lance tube is required to pierce the clay. Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd’s proprietary quick connector system employing both hard and soft steels ensures that connecting additional lengths of tube is an effortless and safe process.

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd is the dominant supplier of electric resistance welded (ERW) oxygen lance tube used in the southern African pyrometallurgical industry. We stock a wide range of sizes and lengths ranging from the popular 08mm and 10mm Nominal Bore (NB) to 15mm, 20mm and 25mm NB. A 32mm NB lance tube can also be manufactured on request.

Our lance tube is manufactured strictly in accordance with SABS 62 specifications, undergo pressure testing to 5Mpa and representative samples are subjected to a comprehensive range of destructive and non destructive testing for our customer’s peace of mind.

Oxylance® For Furnaces


Tapping Lances

Modern smelting operations employ large, non-tilting, bottom pouring furnaces. The production process of ferro alloys, iron, steel as well as copper and zinc employ these smelter designs.

The furnace tap hole through which the molten metal will be poured is closed off after each pour using a special heat resistant clay mixture which hardens during the smelting operation. When the mixture needs to be poured, the use of oxygen lances to pierce or burn through the furnace tap hole is required, enabling the melt or molten liquid metal to be poured out and into ladles for further processing.

An oxygen rich mixture is pumped through the oxygen lance at high pressure and the working end is ignited enabling the lance operator to burn through the clay, thus allowing the pour to proceed. The high temperatures achieved during the lancing operation cause the lance tube to combust at a steady rate.