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10mm NB Oxygen Lance

Specification: SABS 62 Medium

Lengths Available: 3.0m 3.2m 6.1m 7.0m 9.0m


Specifications of 10-PEC-3.0; 7.0 and 9.0mtr Oxylance®


Description: Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd. 10-PEC- (Plain end with connector)

3.0mtr 3.2mtr 6.1mtr 7.0mtr 9.0mtr

Quality assurance to S.A.B.S. / ISO 9001

Non-oil based lubricants are used to ensure an oil-free product.



  • Material is commercial steel, conforming to specifications
  • Weld joint externally scarfed
  • One end plain the other end fitted with one connector
  • Dimensions OD 17.3mm (ID 12.8mm): Wall thickness 2.2mm :
  • Length 3.0; 7.0 and 9.0mtr
  • Tubes are tested to 5 MPA

    Weight and Volume:


    • Per bundle of 500 lengths 10-PEC-7
    • (0.82kg/mtr) 500 lengths = 2872kg
    • 400mm x 200mm x7 100mtr



    • The tubes are sub bundled in 100’s then bundled in 500’s (3.0mtr and 9.0mtr)
    • 32mm steel strapping is used for bundling