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15mm NB Wirepak® Thermic Lance Tube


Specifications of  15-WPAK-3.2 Wirepak® Thermic Lance Tube


15-WPAK-3.2 Wirepak Thermic Lance Tube®

Specification: SABS 62 Light

Lengths Available: 3.2m


Specifications of  15-WPAK-3.2 Wirepak Thermic Lance Tube®


Description: Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd. 15-WPAK-3.2

15mm NB S.A.B.S. 62

Quality assurance to S.A.B.S. / ISO 9001

Non-oil based lubricants are used to ensure an oil-free product.



  • Material is commercial steel, conforming to SABS 62 Light spec.
  • Weld joint externally scarfed
  • Both ends are plain
  • Dimensions OD 21.5mm (ID 17.3mm): Wall thickness 2.2mm : Length 3.2m
  • Tube is packed with 28 x 2.8mm x 3.0mtr wire strands
  • Tubes are tested to 5 MPA
  • Tubes are crimped at 150mm from one end and 250mm from the other.

Weight and Volume:


  • Per bundle of 100 lengths 15-WPAK-3.2 Wirepak Thermic Lance Tube®
  • (*******.kg/mtr) 100 lengths = ******kg
  • 350mm x 350mm x 3.250mtr



  • The tubes are bundled in 100’s.
  • 32mm steel strapping is used for bundling

Note that the wire stuffing does not extend beyond 3.0 mtr.

(This enables the entire wire packed section of tube to be burnt away, minimising wastage, leaving the cheaper 200mm open section of tube to be discarded)