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Oxylance® – Offering you peace of mind

Neven Matthews (Pty) Ltd manufactured lances undergo destructive as well as non-destructive testing, strictly in accordance with SABS 62 Conveyance Tube – specification.

Sampling tests conducted on our tube include dimensional tolerance tests, hydro pressure testing, flattening and flare (drift) tests in order to ensure maximum peace of mind for our customers.

Oxylance® Oxygen lance tube is used in the smelting process of various metals.

Sometimes called burning lances, Oxylance® lances are used to cut various types of steel such as cast iron, cast steel, skull and metal scrap. Lance tube are commonly employed for tapping heats or opening smelter furnace tap holes, and are ideally suited for cleaning spilt metal from continuous cast and blast furnaces.

Large Ferro–alloy and other smelting furnaces are designed so they do not tilt and therefore have to pour their molten metal contents through a tap hole which is generally located towards the bottom of the furnace. Oxygen is piped through a lance tube which is employed to burn open the tap hole allowing the molten metal to flow unimpeded (tapped).

Lance tubes are also used to inject oxygen in to molten metal during the steel, copper and zinc smelting process. Oxygen then reacts with the impurities to form their oxides, allowing them to float to the surface where they can be more easily eliminated.

Our range of 08; 10; 15 and 20mm NB ERW Oxylance® tube sustain a pressure of 750 psi, making them perfectly suited for this critical task.